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Neighbourhood PlanThu, 17th January 2019

Neighbourhood Plan

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Gainford & Langton

Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people the opportunity to decide the future of the places

where they live and work. It will allow the community to set out the vision for our area

producing the planning policies for the use and development of our environment. This could include

where you want new homes, shops or employment opportunities to be built within your Neighbourhood area.

There has always been informal community planning - you may have got involved in the creation of our Parish Plan, for example. Now you can help draw up your Neighbourhood Plan for Gainford & Langton and this will become part of the wider Durham Plan and have a proper legal status.

Let’s say you want to see more affordable housing for older people in the parish or better

facilities for young people or perhaps initiatives to encourage employment. Getting

involved, even in just a small way, could help shape new policies for your own community.

Almost anything that uses land and needs planning permission can go in. There are a few exceptions, mainly national projects. The ideas and policies that don’t require planning permission form part of the ‘vision for the future’ and are things the parish council and you can help formulate. Neighbourhood Plans are about everyone’s lives now and in the future.


No mystery here, they are simply small booklets including the practical things that will make a

difference to people’s lives in the future. The policies and strategies that you help shape would be